Fonderie Rey

The Foundry

Foundry REY can call on over 50 years’ experience to produce yours iron castings ranging from a few grams to 25 kg as small and medium sized production runs.

Equipped with sophisticated machines including a DISAMATIC line, we manufacture nodular and grey iron castings.

Our know how and our production facilities enable us to react very quickly and to provide short lead times.

  • Design studies
    and production
  • Moulding
  • Core shop
  • Melting
  • Finishing
  • Quality Control


1 DISAMATIC 2110 MK5 line

Our foundry is one of the rare foundries in France to be equipped with a DISAMATIC 2110 MK5 line.

Our production line well known for its flexible and effective molds production. The same shape is continuously printed in green sand moulds. The green sand is continuously recycled.

Customers’ patterns are carefully stored on our shop for more flexibility and reactivity when a new order is placed.

Core shop

Two core machine

Internal shapes of your parts are created at this production stage. Carried out by our core machines, coring minimizes machining work and reduces raw materials costs.

An automatic and protective customer’s core box warehouse is available in our plant.


3x500 KG induction furnaces

Production of two types of cast iron :

  • 1 / Grey iron castings (FGL Grey)
    Grades FGL 200 to 250. Easy machining, good dimensional stability, easy to use.
  • 2 / NODULAR iron (FGS)
    Grades FGS 400-15 ; 500-7 ; 600-3 and 700-2
    Spheroidization of the graphite obtained by addition of magnesium. Nodular iron is a strong and ductile material with mechanical properties close to those of steels grades.


2 finishing robots

After knocking-out, shot blasting, parts are finished manually or using two robots before being dispatched to our machining shop.

Quality Control

Our quality control department is equipped with :

  • - Spectrometer
  • - Thermal analyser
  • - Microscope
  • - Ultrasound
  • - Hardness tester

Continuous monitoring throughout manufacture is provide by our quality, safety and environment management.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certified.

Design studies
and production

From the first drafts to your final projects, we will provide you our full range of competence to realize your parts.


Video Foundry

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